At this moment we are singing glorious refrains of gratitude in your honor.  Thank you for deciding to become a Blue Sage volunteer!  As mentioned on the Volunteer Page, and in other published materials, Blue Sage volunteers are the kingpin and life-giving force of the Blue Sage.  Truly, we couldn’t be more honored.  Here are the types of things we often need help with:


Helping out at events allows for a smooth-running experience for attendees and often comes with free admission.

  • Set-up: Including decorating, but also bringing up chairs and equipment from the basement.
  • Ticketing: Sell and collect tickets at the door
  • Bartending: Sell beer, wine and soda
  • Clean-up: Return equipment to the basement and clean floors.

Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes volunteers are like little engines that can.  By joining a standing committee, you are making an on-going commitment to get involved with the Blue Sage in a bigger way.

  • Gallery Committee: Meets monthly.  Schedules gallery shows and maintains the space
  • Facilities Committee: Meets as-needed.  The facilities committee keeps the basements organized, the lights working, and generally oversees the ongoing maintenance of the space.
  • Classical Music Committee: Meets monthly.  The classical music committee keeps the series on track, makes sure that the series stay in-tune with the desires of the community, and takes on responsibility for the series’ fundraising needs.
  • Music & Dance Committee: Meets monthly.  The music and dance committee is responsible for all of the great dance parties and non-classical music events at the Blue Sage.  Additionally, they plan recitals that help to showcase local youth.