12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Blue Sage Curtis Hall

Picture of Lorna Beard Nia instructor

Lorna Beard Instructor

Wednesday, September 27th,  12 noon – 1 pm

Please join me for the first  Nia class.  It is free.  

Drop in rate will be $8 a class after the introductory class

A 50 minute nia movement class is a non-impact dance and movement style that provides excellent conditioning “The Body’s Way”.

Nia is a sensory based-barefoot movement practice for all levels and abilities.

A nia workout combines 52 moves that draw from the dance arts, martial arts and the healing arts. Healing and conditioning for functional fitness,

body, mind and spirit.

I began my nia practice in 1995 after studying  dance for many years in the community and in college. I recently retired from 40 years in the field of aging as a social worker involved in case work and bringing  fitness to the homebound.


To learn more go to: https://nianow.com/about-nia