Kids Bring Local Playwright’s Vision to Life

Marty Durlin’s The 12 Months is an original musical based on a Czechoslovakian folk tale. The performance features students form the Blue Sage Performing Arts after school arts programs. The students will perform all the rolls including acting, singing, dancing and even designing the sets and costumes. Opening night is Friday December 12th at 7:30pm. Two additional performances will follow on Saturday December 13th at 7:30pm and Sunday December 14th at 2:00pm. General admission is $7 and kids 13 and under are $5. Parents of performers receive free admission. Tickets and ticket information are available at


The 12 Months is a Cinderella story full of whimsy and humor designed for children by professional playwright Marty Durlin. This semester, the after school arts classes at the Blue Sage are all designed to cover each aspect of the production. The kids are learning how to work both individually and in groups to create a whole project for the community. “The students are incredibly talented and having such a blast!” states Sharon Bailey, the musical’s assistant director and set design teacher.


The story begins in a little Czech town where everyone knows everybody else. The town gossip tells the story of young Marushka and her evil step mother and step sister, Uglina and Holena. Marushka is made to run some impossible errands in the blistering snow and comes across a group of mystical characters, The 12 Months. As the story unfolds, lessons are learned and love prevails.


The Blue Sage Center for the Arts is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization located in Paonia, CO providing education and expression in the arts and humanities in order to engage and enrich the North Fork community.  Founded in 1996 the Blue Sage serves about 10,000 residents of the North Fork Valley annually through classes, events, gallery exhibits, venue rentals and arts outreach into local schools.

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